Further Education

E-Learning Course "Terminology"

This e-learning course is provided by the Faculty of Information Science and Communication Studies of the Cologne Unversity of Applied Sciences. It is aimed at students of that particular faculty but there is free access to it for any interested party. The course can be accessed here. Please note that this is available in German only.

Terminology Summer School

TermNet website

The Terminology Summer School is a week-long education workshop that is jointly organised by the Institute of Information Management of the Cologne Unversity of Applied Sciences and TermNet. The workshop takes a practice-oriented approach to the introduction of terminology management and takes place once a year.

More information can be found on the website.


elcat website

elcat is an online course for terminology management that is targeted at beginners as well as advanced learners. The structure of the online course is flexible and can be adapted according to the learner's job role. Thus, the course is useful for technical writers, translators, product developers or department heads who aim at meeting various professional objectives.

More information can be found on this website.