TIPPS - The Project

The aim of the German-Turkish cooperation project TIPPS is providing the basics needed to establish efficient terminology work. For a company to benefit financially from terminology work it is crucial that consistent terminology resources are made available to all user groups throughout the organization. TIPPS assists in achieving this by providing a range of ressources ranging from literature tipps to recommendations for a successful terminology policy. The up-to-date terminology portal is the core of this venture, as it is a first port of call for all terminological questions. It replaces the established - if dated - German Terminology Portal (DTP).

In the course of this project an infrastructure for terminology research, finding terminology resources, training and education opportunities and terminological services is built. This will enable stakeholders from the industry and research and teaching finding answers to all kinds of theoretical and practical questions in terminology science. Commerce as well as the multilingual societies of Turkey and Germany and the European Union will profit from this infrastructure.


  • Developing a terminology policy for German and Turksih specialized language
  • Setting up a terminology portal for the German and Turkish speaking areas
  • Providing literature on terminology science
  • Establishing workshops for terminology work